Container Homes

Lability: refers to something that is constantly undergoing change or something that is likely to undergo change.

Don’t just build.. Create! When you see it, you will want to experience it – Build an experience, not just a home

A shipping container home can be something of beauty. A home that you will want to experience, not just live in.

Chariot Intermodal is a company that supports innovation in a differentiating way, That includes the design, development and installation of multipurpose, differentiating spaces. We believe in an open source sharing of ideas and designs helping to transform your project and in time, with the use of feedback, develop creativity and promote personal experimentation.

With this philosophy and approach we’re committed to a unique concept. We promote recycling, reuse and redesign of cargo container modules, ultimately transforming a set of spatial possibilities with unlimited uses, which tests the formal and technical limits of the material it contains.

Why are shipping container modules different from other products? Terms such as mobility, ephemeral, low-cost, multi-use, innovation, technology, freedom, differentiation, service management, personalization and lability are and will mark new vital experiences of users in the coming years.

We work with developers of low cost housing, educational facilities, modular buildings, mobiles and transportable projects that are easily adaptable to the surrounding environment, with the aim to fulfil their function and to be readapted and transported to other destinations. Can you image any other project that can be adapted to fit another location?

Our products are based directly on your needs and your experiences, creating a vital experience of differentiation. There is no limit to define the space you need – only your imagination!

Shipping containers are easily transportable, customisable, have a multitude of uses with the same standard model dimensions, allow for highly technological integration and as the ultimate reward that are very respectful with the environment.

The ultimate in speed of execution. With new order containers we have a production process that optimizes the assembly of the box, offering a considerable reduction in time and costs. When planning a bulk order allow for a 4-5 month lead time from factory to delivery destination.

When you consider the project costs and investments needed we can assist. Just contact Chariot Intermodal with your requirements in advance. We can assist with project pricing and transportation of the product.

Bio-construction is an important consideration in a shipping container home project. The materials used respond to the environmental surroundings. Biodegradable materials, renewable energy and energy efficiency mark the differentiation between a simple home and something of beauty. Which will yours be?

The fundamental concepts of service that we provide are: flexibility in the deals and delivery, promotion of creative ideas and a unique approach to sourcing the right containers for your project. We unleashed our team for group brainstorming on every project, which allows us to generate a unique approach to your project, without any limits.

Contact us today to get your unique container home project started.